Patient Testimonials

"As I have aged gracefully, I still look into the mirror and imagine my younger self. With the assistance of Dr. Keiffer over the past 10 years, we have enjoyed the journey down this path of aging."

72 Year Old Female Patient

"Spending time and reviewing my concerns, Dr. Keiffer helped guide me through my issues. Together she has brought me to a happy place and for that I will be forever grateful"

37 Year Old Female Patient

"Dr. Keiffer helped me balance my life inside and out. My internal issues have improved and I'm feeling and looking better. I have gained more confidence with myself, Thank you"

42 Year Old Male Patient

"The difference is not only in looking younger with glowing skin but it is a mental rejuvenation."

47 Year Old Female Patient

"Dr. Keiffer is a brilliant physician that clearly diagnosis a plan of treatment along with an ongoing plan for wellness. She is an accomplished professor that not only teaches her students at the local naturopathic college but also effectively teaches her patients how to be students of their own health and achieve their goals."

60 Year Old Male Patient

"Coming here has changed my life."

46 Year Old Female Patient

"I'm just amazed at how well this treatment has worked for my son's acne. We noticed a difference after the first treatment. We have tried different acne products, antibiotics and nothing seemed to help and the acne was just getting worse. His confidence level now is so much better. He doesn't hide his face. He walks with his head up instead of looking at the ground all the time. We couldn't be any happier."

Mother of a 17 Year Old Patient

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