Stem Cell and PRP Treatments

Stem Cell Procedures - Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSC)

We are proud to be one of the first clinics to offer stem cell therapies in the United States. We continue to offer these treatments for those who desire Adipose Derived Stem Cell Therapy. This is a one-day procedure that is performed at the Stem Cell Rejuvenation Center (Peace Wellness) in Phoenix, AZ. This procedure includes a full naturopathic consult scheduled prior to the treatment date. For those traveling in from out of town the consult is usually the day before procedure. The morning of the procedure entails a gentle, hand performed, fat extraction done under local anesthesia. The fat sample is then processed on-site. This eliminates the possibility of a sample mix up or a delay in processing. Adipose Derived Stem Cells have become the preferred method of stem cell therapy due to its gentle nature and is derived from the patient's own body. The process of isolating (freeing) the stem cells from the fat takes a few hours. During this time of processing the patient will have several hours to have lunch and relax before returning back to the office to receive the ADSC therapy. The reintroduction of the stem cells is individualized depending on the patients concerns. This would be discussed and determined during the consult.

Dr. Keiffer specializes in using stem cells for Aesthetic and Anti-Aging treatments for rejuvenation. Such procedures include hair loss/thinning, facial rejuvenation and sexual enhancement. Stem cell procedures are available for a multitude of conditions. Chronic degenerative conditions may be treated although could be treated by another doctor in the practice.

For more detailed information on Adipose Derived Stem Cell procedures contact Peace Wellness Center at 602-439-0000 or visit:

PRP Treatments - Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP Treatment

These treatments are available through both offices.

PRP treatments could be considered a form of stem cell therapy. An incredible amount of research has been done to understand the role of platelets in healing. A platelets role in clot formation is well known, but that is only a fraction of what they are capable of doing. The platelets contain growth factors or signals for local cells to take action. These growth factors activate stem cells in the body to repair and rejuvenate.

PRP is considered an autologous therapy in that is it derived from a patient's own body. Many patients find this attractive because a foreign substance is not being introduced. PRP is located in the plasma, which is derived from the patient's blood. The blood is centrifuged allowing the isolation of a platelet rich portion of the plasma. Once the PRP has been processed it will be re-introduced to the patient in the area that needs restoration.

PRP therapy is used through out the body to help heal, strengthen and rejuvenate. PRP can be injected deep into joints or injected near the attachments of the ligaments and tendons to stimulate strength and support. PRP can be used subcutaneously as well as intra-dermally for aesthetic purposes. The synergistic combination of micro needling and PRP allows the stimulation of collagen.

Hair loss, hair thinning, facial rejuvenation, joint rejuvenation, sexual enhancement, incontinence, scar and stretch mark treatments are all possibilities with PRP.

PRP injections could include the following areas for joint rejuvenation: Ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, feet, fingers and toes.

For Hair loss and hair thinning, PRP is injected into the scalp to stimulate the hair follicle strength. In addition to injections, Micropen™ with PRP topically assists with the stimulation of the hair follicle.

For sexual enhancement, the O-Shot® procedure for women and the Priapus Shot ® procedure for men, delivers PRP into the genitalia which may enhance sensitivity, strength and possibly size for men. For more detailed information refer to Patient Resources for links to desired sites.

For urinary incontinence, the O-Shot® procedure has also been shown to help with female incontinence along with the Intone medical device. Male urinary incontinence the Intone-MV is designed for you. For more detailed information refer to Patient Resources for links to desired sites.

For facial rejuvenation, PRP may be placed under the skins surface with a cannula. A cannula is a blunt needle that slides under the skin's surface allowing for placement of PRP into the desired areas while minimizing bruising. Deficits under the eye, hollowing in the temples, and the loss of volume in the cheeks are some desired areas for treatment. For surface improvements combine this procedure with the Micropen™ with PRP for the most effective treatment. For volume restoration it works synergistically with dermal fillers (Voluma, Juvederm, etc). Dr. Keiffer will assess your needs and guide you in the best possible treatment plan.

Micropen™ with PRP for the most effective treatment. For volume restoration it works synergistically with dermal fillers (Voluma, Juvederm, etc). Dr. Keiffer will assess your needs and guide you in the best possible treatment plan.

The Skin The Skin
Before After 3 Treatments of Cannula with PRP

The use of the Eclipse Micropen™ is based on the Science of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). Micro needling stimulates the fibroblast cells in the dermal layers of the skin to produce new collagen by what is known as the wounding process. Anytime there is a break in the skin barrier and damage to the tissue layers, whether it be from a scrape or cut, laser treatments, chemical peels or CIT, the wounding process response is initiated by the body's natural ability to close and heal the wound. Collagen is produced and the wound closes.

PRP Treatment

Micro needling, creating CIT, promotes wound healing and natural collagen production with no scaring. This is the closest treatment to the Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment with much less down time, discomfort and expense to the patient. Typically an Eclipse Micropen™ treatment is best done in a series of 4 to 6 treatments spread out over the course of four to six months. The results can be dramatic and to maintain the collagen production and skin tightening effect, after the initial series, maintenance treatments should be done every three or four months.

Another benefit of micro needling is that superficial micro-channels are created from the treatment to allow for better, deeper absorption. So during the treatment PRP and/or other active ingredients in medical grade serums can be applied to enhance the effect of collagen and elastin rejuvenation. Scars from surgery, acne scars, healed wounds and stretch marks can be effectively treated with the Micropen™. The fibrous tissue is broken down and the new collagen is produced which forms in a healthy "basket weave" pattern resembling our natural youthful formation of collagen. Stretch marks are stubborn to fade but definitely diminish with CIT. Micro needling can give relief to the adhered scar tissue that sometimes forms and creates resistance.

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